The next Planet Battle is coming to Hong Kong 25-11-08!

Planet Battle is founded by and comprise of muay thai and martial arts professionals (see below) with collectively over 20 years in the industry. Affiliated with the World Muay Thai Council, Hong Kong Muay Thai Association, Hong Kong Boxing Association, and closely associated with Shootboxing, Japan, we aim to bring to Hong Kong the best and fiercest talent in professional muay thai from around the globe.

We promise you shows to rival no other in the history of fight entertainment, offering not only incredible fighters but state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, amazing laser and pyrotechnic displays and fabulous ring-girls – never before or elsewhere will such a dazzling exhibit of brute force, technical wizardry and glamour be seen.

Our shows will be broadcasted globally (including Turkey, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong and various European cities) using satellite, cable and Internet television as our platforms.

We rose to the daunting challenge of finding top heavyweight fighters in Asia, seeking out the best of them in their own countries and flying in to Hong Kong contenders from Brazil, Russia, Australia and Holland, to name just a few.

We are proud to promote these fearless warriors, who in turn are honoured to represent their countries and will guarantee you a show of epic proportions, as they fight for supremacy in this prestigious championship.

They will be ready for the battle – will YOU?


Planet Battle will host 3 preliminary fights, leading to the final contest no later than December 2009.

  • June 2008
  • November 2008
  • April 2009 (to be confirmed)
  • November 2009 (to be confirmed)

Don’t miss any of these incredible opportunities – ensure that you are ringside when these titans clash!

Who We Are


Jeremy Chan Man Wah is General Secretary of the Hong Kong Muay Thai Association. He is also the Senior Representative of the World Muay Thai Council (WMC) for the greater China region, and the Director General of FAMA, the Olympic recognised amateur federation of Muay Thai. He has also been appointed to select the regional fighters to appear in Season 2 of the Reality Show “The Contender Asia”.

For the past three years, Jeremy has been responsible for organising, managing and marketing many fight events in Hong Kong and has led Hong Kong teams to participate in many events around the world, most recently to Japan’s Shoot Boxing tournament.


One of the first female fighters in Hong Kong, Sunny is Korean-born, Belgium-bred and now lives in Hong Kong.

Sunny has been doing Muay Thai for four years (formerly at Fightin’ Fit, currently at Impakt) and already has four fights under her belt, two of them at I-1.

A fashion designer by trade, look out for her own brand of FightWear, ULTIM8, which she custom makes for fighters and which she has started selling in Hong Kong, France and Belgium.

Swayze is Secretary of the Hong Kong Muay Thai Association, as well as a certified trainer, referee and judge from the Hong Kong Tiger Gym.

One of the key people responsible for actively promoting Muay Thai and Kickboxing in Hong Kong, Swayze has on many occasions helped to organize a Hong Kong team for international championship tournaments.

Contact us for more info, a press kit, or just to ask a question:  marketing@planet-battle.com

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  1. Hello,where is your new gym located?I’m here in HK until Christmas and would like to come visit the gym。Thanks

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