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Planet Battle Men and Mayhem Anihilation Style

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Ultimate fighters from around Asia converge on Hong Kong for No Rules Mixed Martial Arts. Including Yodsaenklai Fairtex, Contender Asia Winner 2008. A KO is the only way to know you won in this brutal battle of the worlds finest

來自世界各地的終極格鬥高手雲集香港,包括2008 年亞洲賽冠軍Yodsaenklai Fairtex.擊倒所以對手才是唯一奪標的方法

SOUTV: Planet Battle 25-11-08 – Yodsaenklai – 十一月廿五日,世界冠軍

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Full on fight night 25 Nov – world champion heavy weight kick boxing and mixed martial arts. The best of Asia climb into the ring to battle it out for the title belt. Planet Battle is no rules MMA at Star Hall, Hong Kong. Tickets at

十一月廿五日,世界冠軍Yodsaenklai(越克森萊) 有份參與的重量級拳擊大賽星域格鬥將於香港開戰.亞洲最強的拳手,將會與世界冠軍Yodsaenklai(越克森萊) 交量,拳腳交加,沒有規則,所有參賽者目的只為爭奪WMC世界重量級冠軍.星域格鬥將於九龍灣國際展貿中心Star Hall 舉行.門票可於快達票 購買.門票有限,欲購從速.

十一月廿五日,世界冠军Yodsaenklai(越克森莱) 有份参与的重量级拳击大赛星域格斗将於香港开战.亚洲最强的拳手,将会与世界冠军Yodsaenklai(越克森莱) 交量,拳脚交加,没有规则,所有参赛者目的只为争夺WMC世界重量级冠军.星域格斗将於九龙湾国际展贸中心Star Hall 举行.门票可於快达票 购买.门票有限,欲购从速.

Planet Battle Highlights – Back to HK 25-11-08

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