BOUT 1: SUPER FIGHT 1: Mark Mullen (Australia) VS Phet Tanawat (Thailand)

The opening bout proved to be a great start to the evening, with the Australian “Lethal Weapon” taking on Thai warrior Tanawat in an evenly-matched fight that predicated the showmanship to come. Mullen worried his opponent with a series of right hooks, but Tanawat displayed some beautiful knee strikes and amazing stamina, and took the victory.

RESULT: Tanawat won by decision.

BOUT 2: TOURNAMENT MATCH 1: Thor Hoopmann (Australia) VS Kiattisak Hemkhaijit(Thailand)

These two survivors from the last Planet Battle put on a great show in one of the most crowd-pleasing fights of the evening. The Thai won many fans in this bout by showing great heart, and by refusing to stay down when Hoopmann repeatedly knocked him to the canvas, but in the end the Australian showed supremacy .

RESULT: Hoopmann won by decision.

BOUT 3: TOURNAMENT MATCH 2: Alain Ngalani (Hong Kong) VS Brian Douwes (Holland)

In one of the most explosive matches of the night, Douwes looked in trouble as Ngalani easily and gracefully dominated the first two rounds despite a snapped right knee ligament, and showed so much spirit he had the crowd on their feet. However, Douwes strategically took advantage of Ngalani’s weakness, destabilising and tiring his opponent with a series of well-placed low kicks, and then took down the Panther with a beautiful flying knee to the chin.

RESULT: Douwes won by 3rd round KO.

BOUT 4: TOURNAMENT MATCH 3: Andrew Peck (NZ) VS Chris Knowles (England)

Knowles wowed the crowd by coming back stronger and faster after his June appearance, and proved himself to be a real threat to “Powerhouse”, making him struggle and giving him a good fight. Peck eventually won on points.

RESULT: Peck won by decision.

BOUT 5: TOURNAMENT MATCH 4: Dzenan Poturak (Bosnia) VS Jason Suttie (NZ)

Yet another great fight that kept the crowd second-guessing. One of the lightest contenders in the tournament, Poturak managed to keep New Zealand “Psycho” Suttie at bay and effectively defended against most of his strikes. Both fighters showed aggression and good form, but the Bosnian came out the victor.

RESULT: Poturak won by decision.

BOUT 6: SUPER FIGHT 2: Soisci Porchetta (Italy) VS Tsang Wai Ying Venus (Hong Kong)

The ladies showed us what kickboxing is all about in one of the most technically excellent fights of the evening. Both fighters displayed great determination and heart, and put on a beautiful demonstration of sparring in the 48kg weight category. The Puma put in a fiery performance but in the end, Tsang deservedly took the win.

RESULT: Tsang won by decision.

BOUT 7: TOURNAMENT MATCH SEMI-FINAL 1: Andrew Peck(NZ) VS Thor Hoopmann (Australia)

This bout gave the most unexpected result of the evening. Seemingly invincible “Powerhouse” was a shoo-in to take the fight and looked ready to put the Australian down with a knee strike to the chin when Hoopmann suddenly attacked with a flurry of hooks and uppercuts, sending Peck to the mat with a well-placed left hook.

RESULT: Hoopmann won by 2nd round KO.

BOUT 8: TOURNAMENT MATCH SEMI-FINAL 2: Dzenan Poturak (Bosnia) VS Brian Douwes (Holland)

Technically competent Poturak looked strong from the outset, but was eventually dominated by the fiercer Douwes after an onslaught of kicks to the upper thigh weakened the Bosnian.

RESULT: Douwes won by decision.

BOUT 9: SUPER FIGHT 3: Phillip Street (Australia) VS Wong Man Kit (Hong Kong)

Another crowd-pleasing bout, this fight saw Hong Kong kid Wong Man Kit take on Australian “Flip” in what seemed a permanent blow-for-blow display for all 3 rounds. There was no question that Street had the edge in speed and agility and dominated the fight, yet there was an amazing show of strength and technical skill from both fighters.

RESULT: Street won by decision.

BOUT 10: SUPER FIGHT 4: Yodsaenklai Fairtex (Thailand) VS Vusivile Colossa (South Africa)

In one of the most exciting matches ever, this bout saw undefeated Yodsaenklai in big difficulties for the first two rounds. Colossa blocked Yodsaenklai’s potentially lethal left high kicks, and fought with a blazing determination that had the crowd believing it was all over for the Contender champion; however the third round saw Yodsaenklai recover to take advantage of the South African’s fatigue with a series of beautiful and precise strikes that winded the HK favourite, enabling him to take the win.

RESULT: Yodsaenklai won by decision.

Thor Hoopmann (Australia) VS Brian Douwes (Holland)

The two remaining Planet Battle contenders stared each other down at the start of this final match, providing a tense beginning for the spectators. The bout was close; Douwes threw many strikes while Hoopmann showed more caution, but also more precision, with more of his strikes meeting their target. In the end, the Australian was deservedly victorious in all of his three bouts, making him the first ever Planet Battle Champion.

RESULT: Hoopmann won by decision.

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